Praised for his “vivid sound and beautiful tone”

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...Mason City, Iowa native Mark Fisher is Assistant Principal Trombonist with the Lyric Opera of Chicago and serves the Santa Fe Opera as Principal Trombone. Fisher has performed with virtually every major ensemble in Chicago and as substitute with many of the nation's leading orchestras including the Chicago Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony, Minnesota Orchestra, St. Louis Symphony and the San Francisco Symphony. Also an accomplished euphonium soloist, Fisher is past prize winner of numerous international solo competitions and his solo CD Eufish continues to meet with worldwide acclaim.


     In addition to his long association with the award-winning Asbury Brass Quintet, Fisher is the founder and director of the Chicago Trombone Consort, one of the world's leading trombone ensembles. Fisher is a frequent performer with the Chicago Chamber Musicians and the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival.


     Head of the Trombone Department at DePaul University, Fisher has presented recitals and masterclasses throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada and Japan. He has served on the faculties of Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, Roosevelt University, Northern Illinois University and the Banff International Festival. Mr. Fisher is an honors graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and the New England Conservatory of Music.


      Mark Fisher is an artist/clinician for both Courtois and Bach trombones.


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My teaching philosophy reflects the core values of an active, wide-ranging and very successful 30-year professional career: hard work combined with musicality, flexibility, intelligence and fundamentally sound technique all help to create a marketable musician.


I also believe very strongly that variety is the spice of life. As a brass musician, mastering numerous aspects of the musical experience leads to a more rewarding, fruitful and challenging career. I’ve had the great fortune to enjoy work as an orchestral and chamber music performer, soloist, teacher and conductor. The ability to double with equal proficiency on alto and tenor trombone, euphonium and bass trumpet has significantly enriched my opportunities as a performer and has greatly informed my teaching. I encourage my students to pursue a similar mindset.


Most importantly, my teaching is grounded in a philosophy of honesty and generosity. Sharing what I have come to know through pedagogical and professional experience, my objective is to serve as teacher, coach, mentor and advisor. I have been privileged to benefit from the experiences of numerous musicians who generously and candidly shared their expertise and advice with me, and I strive to pass this along to my students.



"I am proud to call Mark Fisher a teacher, role model, motivator, and friend. When thinking about his teaching, the first thing that comes to mind is selflessness. Mark is always willing to teach extra lessons outside of DePaul, volunteer his time to lead trombone choir and studio class, chat on the phone about any playing or personal issues, etc. His motive is always what is best for the student. Mark is always very flexible when it comes to a student’s wants/needs. He carefully molds his teaching style for each student based on how each student reacts. I always really appreciated when Mark would tell me that everything he says in a lesson needs to go through my “filter” and that I can choose to keep or discard any of his ideas, so that I can start to solidify my own playing philosophies. I also have always appreciated his honesty. He will not give you a false sense of hope, but he will always tell you exactly what you need to do moving forward. Mark has helped improve my playing in more ways than he could ever realize. His concepts and teaching philosophies are very much present in my everyday practicing and thinking. I will never stop learning from him!" Jonathan Houghtling National Repertory Orchestra 2015 Winner – ITA Alto Trombone Solo Competition - 2014 Winner – ITA Larry Wiehe Solo Competition - 2013 Finalist – ITA Van Haney Excerpt Competition - 2015 "Mark Fisher is not only a fantastic teacher, but also a great mentor. He has always been supportive through my career and always tells me exactly what I need to hear, good or bad. Regardless of the content, it has always caused me to better myself and my playing. I appreciate how he has always had me view aspects of music from multiple angles, with the intent to create more versatility. I owe my audition success to Mr. Fisher and I truly would not be where I am now without his guidance. And, of course, sharing backpacking stories is always a plus." Skyler Johnson Bass trombone, Spokane Symphony, Quad Cities Symphony, Dubuque Symphony “When I decided to go to DePaul I did not know what to expect from my studies with Mark Fisher, but as I look back now I realize how integral my studies with Mark were in setting me up for success in college and in the professional world. Mark has a tremendous ability to cater his pedagogical approach to the unique needs of each student. He was always able to diagnose the root of any problems that I had with playing the trombone and guided me down the path to continually improving every aspect of my playing with the end goal being such total command of the instrument that music making would be completely uninhibited. In addition to being able to precisely work out any issues with trombone playing that surfaced he also always had a wealth of insight on the subtleties of musicality that would make each phrase unique and captivating. Pacing, rhythm, pulse, micro and macro phrase structure, note profiles, dynamic pacing, quality of releases, placement and character of vibrato, etc; every fathomable detail that went into the musical result of anything I played in lessons was addressed and he helped me to be able to refine both my execution on the trombone and my musical approach with the surgical precision needed to have every musical idea eloquently and tangibly conveyed to the audience. He seeks to have his students not just be great trombonists but great musicians. Also his guidance in preparing for auditions and recitals and developing the mental techniques vital to performing consistently well under pressure helped set me up for success in solo performances, competitions, and auditions. My studies with Mark were indispensable in enabling me to win a position in a professional orchestra during my senior year at DePaul and I will always be grateful for getting to study with him." Scott P. Hartman Principal Bass Trombone, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra "I have had the great pleasure of knowing Mark Fisher as a teacher, colleague, friend and mentor. His thoughtful and direct approach to teaching helped me tremendously when learning to play in an orchestral style. He has been more than just a teacher but a dedicated mentor to me. Through the years he has always been willing to help and guide me through the ups and downs of a musician's career. Mark is a world-class musician who holds high standards for every musical venture he takes on. One example is his fine leadership of the Chicago Trombone Consort, a group I've been very proud to be a member of. Whether it's playing duets or sitting next to him in the opera pit, I have enjoyed and look forward to every opportunity to work with Mark." -Joseph Rodriguez Second Trombone, Cincinnati Symphony "Even just a short time with Mark Fisher has helped me to make a great amount of progress in my trombone playing and musicianship. His approach is not "one size fits all" - he was able to address my issues and concerns with creative problem solving and very approachable tools for improvement. I'd had a lot of trouble with agility in moving between low and middle range playing and felt like I'd hit a wall. He helped me address this weakness in playing with clear language and straight-forward exercises that I've been able to apply in the practice room with great success. Mr. Fisher was also able to address fine details of musicianship and artistry with this same straight-forward and approachable input. Many great players are not masterful teachers - Mark is not one of these people. His devotion to the art of teaching matches that of his career as a musician and I believe that he can help any player improve." -Chris Wolf Principal Trombone, The Phoenix Symphony

student success

Mark Fisher's students have won positions in the following orchestras (listed alphabetically):


Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Boston Ballet Orchestra

Boston Lyric Opera

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Colorado Springs Symphony

Des Moines Symphony Orchestra

Dubuque Symphony

Green Bay Symphony

Honolulu Symphony

Houston Grand Opera Orchestra

Illinois Philharmonic

Kalamazoo Symphony

Kansas City Symphony

Kenosha Symphony

Madison Symphony

Memphis Symphony

Orchestra Iowa

Northbrook Symphony

Northwest Indiana Symphony

Peoria Symphony

Quad City Symphony

Skokie Valley Symphony

Spokane Symphony Orchestra

Thunder Bay Symphony

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony

Winnipeg Symphony

Zurich Opera Orchestra


Mark Fisher's students have held administrative or faculty teaching positions with the following institutions (listed alphabetically):


Alabama Symphony, Executive Director

Cincinnati Symphony, President

Columbus Symphony, Director of Artistic Planning

Concordia University

Elgin Symphony, Director of Operations

Elmhurst College

Florida Philharmonic, President

Green Bay Symphony, Executive Director

Grinnell College

Harper College

Indianapolis Symphony, Associate Director of Marketing

Lakehead University

Marrowstone Music Festival

University of Manitoba

North Central College

St. Xavier University

Syracuse Symphony, President

Syracuse Symphony, Director of Development

Wheaton College

University of Wisconsin at Whitewater



Mark Fisher's students have been selected to participate in the following summer festivals (listed alphabetically):


Alessi Seminar

Aspen Music Festival

Bar Harbor Brass Institute

Brevard Music Festival

Marrowstone Music Festival

Menlo Institute

Music Academy of the West

National Repertory Orchestra

National Orchestral Institute

Tanglewood Music Festival



Mark Fisher's students have been winners of the following competitions and awards:


Eastern Trombone Workshop National Solo Competition

Eastern Trombone Workshop Quartet Competition

Fulbright Award for study in Berlin

Fulbright Award for study in the Netherlands

International Trombone Association Alto Trombone Competition

International Trombone Association Kleinhammer Competition

International Trombone Association Marsteller Competition

International Trombone Association Larry Wiehe Competition

International Trombone Association Yaxley Competition










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